Aunty Tommy's Koko Samoa


What is Koko Samoa?

Koko Samoa refers to a traditional Samoan hot chocolate drink made from roasted and ground cacao beans. It is 100% cacao paste with no added sugar or preservative.

Considered the national drink of Samoa, koko is a staple in most households and produce markets both in Samoa, and around the world.


Our Origins

Aunty Tommy’s was named after one of the matriarchs of the Macdonald family from Vaiala.

Saui'a Flora Constance (Tommy) Burr, affectionately known in Samoa as Aunty Tommy, was a proud advocate for Samoan arts and culture, including its diverse and unique cuisine. 



Cousins Alec Macdonald & Marlon Rivers were born and raised in Samoa later moving to New Zealand for schooling. 

"Being part of a bigger Pacific family and recognising the central role food plays in our culture is important to us. It’s not just about physical nourishment, but more about the social and familial bonds that sharing means to our people". 


The first documented appearance of cocoa in Samoa occurred in 1883, when German planters initially introduced the Criollo subspecies, sourced from what were then Ceylon and Java. 

In 1898, Forastero subspecies from Java were also introduced. These Forastero plants were planted in amongst the original Criollo plantations replacing the significant number of Criollo plants that had failed to survive. 

The Forastero plants in question were of the Amelonado variety which hybridise very easily, and over a short period of time. 

The offspring of those original Criollo and Amelonado plants produced a quality of bean that was known in the cocoa trade as “Samoan Trinitario”, locally referred to as “Koko Samoa”. Samoan cocoa continues to command premium prices over bulk cocoa.

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