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Aunty Tommy's

Kofe and Kokos Bundle

Kofe and Kokos Bundle

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Aunty Tommy's Kofe and Kokos Bundle. Now you can get our Koko Samoa Block and Pods alongside CCK coffee.
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Kofe and Kokos Bundle



For a limited time we have an exiting bundle of CCK Coffee & Aunty Tommy's Koko. A lesser-known but unique and delightful coffee variety, CCK coffee is a staple in any local coffee drinking household in Samoa. It is known for it's distinct flavour profile and smooth taste.


Samoan coffee is often described as having a smooth, medium-bodied taste with a mild acidity. It's known for its fruity and floral notes, which can include hints of citrus, jasmine, and tropical fruit.


Samoan coffee production is relatively small-scale compared to major coffee-producing countries like Brazil or Colombia. This limited production contributes to its uniqueness and exclusivity.


CCK Coffee, Aunty Tommy's Koko.