Aunty Tommy's Koko Samoa Pods

Koko Samoa Drinking Chocolate Pods

Single serve and delicious! It's koko, only smaller and easier to make. Perfect if you're in a hurry.

Koko Pods
Aunty Tommy's Koko Samoa Block

Koko Samoa Drinking Chocolate Block

The more recognisable traditional shaped koko. Like Sina and Iosefa from the makeki used to make.

Koko Block
  • Freshly Roasted

    We custom roast all our beans to best replicate the traditional flavour profile from Samoa.

  • Gluten Free

    Cacao is naturally gluten free. Everything we make is 100%. Roast, winnow, grind, package.

  • No Additives

    When we say no additives, we absolutely mean it! Nothing added but goodness.

  • No Shortcuts

    We don't play! We take food seriously, our kitchen is fully spec'd for koko production.

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